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  1. nodo
    the node
    – A location in a hierarchy (often a tree structure) that can have links to one or more nodes below it. 1
    • node [the ~] sustantivo
  2. nodo
    the node
    – For local area networks (LANs), a device that is connected to the network and is capable of communicating with other network devices. 1
    • node [the ~] sustantivo
  3. nodo
    the node
    – For failover clusters or server clusters, a computer system that is an active or inactive member of the cluster. 1
    • node [the ~] sustantivo

Translation Matrix for nodo:

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node nodo

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Wiktionary: nodo

  1. vertex of a graph
  2. graph theory: element joined by edges to other vertices

Cross Translation:
nodo knop; knot; bend; node Knoten — fest verschlungener Teil eines Fadens oder Seils