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apprentissage [le ~] sustantivo

  1. l'apprentissage
    the learning process
  2. l'apprentissage
    the acquiring; the learning
  3. l'apprentissage
    the training
    – The process of teaching the speech recognition engine to recognize your voice and manner of speaking. The speech engine looks for patterns in the way you speak, enabling it to provide better accuracy when you dictate text. You train the engine by reading text in the training wizard, and continue to train the engine as you dictate text while working. 1
  4. l'apprentissage (années de scolarité)
    the apprenticeship; the pupillage; the period of training; the school years

Translation Matrix for apprentissage:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
acquiring apprentissage achat; acquisition; affaire; obtention
apprenticeship années de scolarité; apprentissage années d'apprentissage; années de formation; apprentissage professionnel
learning apprentissage acquisition des connaissances; action d'étudier; connaissance; connaissances; savoir; science; érudition
learning process apprentissage
period of training années de scolarité; apprentissage
pupillage années de scolarité; apprentissage
school years années de scolarité; apprentissage
training apprentissage cabinet de médecin; contraction musculaire; entraînement; exercice; exercice d'assouplissement; formation; formation écolière; instruction; mise à niveau; pratique; éducation; étude

Sinónimos de "apprentissage":

Wiktionary: apprentissage

  1. action d’apprendre un métier ; état d’un apprenti.
  1. action of the verb
  2. system by which a person learning a craft or trade is instructed
  3. condition of, or the time served by, an apprentice

Cross Translation:
apprentissage teaching; apprenticeship LehreAnleitung, Unterweisung, Vermittlung, Ausbildung

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