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  1. catch up with:


Traducciones detalladas de catch up with de inglés a español

catch up with:

catch up with verbo

  1. catch up with (catch up; gain; run in)
  2. catch up with (come up alongside with)

Translation Matrix for catch up with:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
alcanzar catch up; catch up with; come up alongside with; gain; run in affect; bear; bring; bring along; bring in; carry; carry along; concern; end up; gain; get; get through; give; give to; hand; hand over; hit; move; obtain; pass; reach; strike; take in; touch; win
recuperar catch up; catch up with; gain; run in ask for; claim; get over; make good; make up; recapture; reconquer; recoup; recover; rectify; regain; retake; retrieve; revive; struggle up; win back
- catch; make up; overtake

Sinónimos de "catch up with":

Definiciones relacionadas de "catch up with":

  1. catch up with and possibly overtake1
  2. make up work that was missed due to absence at a later point1
    • Can I catch up with the material or is it too late?1

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