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climb down:

to climb down verbo (climbs down, climbed down, climbing down)

  1. to climb down
  2. to climb down (dismount; get off)
  3. to climb down (back down; back out)

Conjugaciones de climb down:

  1. climb down
  2. climb down
  3. climbs down
  4. climb down
  5. climb down
  6. climb down
simple past
  1. climbed down
  2. climbed down
  3. climbed down
  4. climbed down
  5. climbed down
  6. climbed down
present perfect
  1. have climbed down
  2. have climbed down
  3. has climbed down
  4. have climbed down
  5. have climbed down
  6. have climbed down
past continuous
  1. was climbing down
  2. were climbing down
  3. was climbing down
  4. were climbing down
  5. were climbing down
  6. were climbing down
  1. shall climb down
  2. will climb down
  3. will climb down
  4. shall climb down
  5. will climb down
  6. will climb down
continuous present
  1. am climbing down
  2. are climbing down
  3. is climbing down
  4. are climbing down
  5. are climbing down
  6. are climbing down
  1. be climbed down
  2. be climbed down
  3. be climbed down
  4. be climbed down
  5. be climbed down
  6. be climbed down
  1. climb down!
  2. let's climb down!
  3. climbed down
  4. climbing down
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for climb down:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
bajar descending
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
apearse climb down; dismount; get off break away; duck out; elude; end up; escape; get away; get off; make a duck; slip quietly into the night; squeeze out of it; step down; step out
bajar climb down; dismount; get off become lower; break away; bring down; decline; descend; drop; duck out; elude; escape; fall; get away; get down; get off; get out; give in; go down; go to; head for; make a duck; make for; plummet; pull down; regress; sink; slip quietly into the night; slump; squeeze out of it; step down; step out; surrender; take a plunge; take down from; tumble; waining
bajarse de climb down; dismount; get off
descabalgar climb down; dismount; get off
desmontar climb down; dismount; get off break open; clear away; clear up; crack; decode; dig off; dig up; disentangle; dismantle; dismount; force open; remove; separate; solve; strip down; take apart a machine; tear open; unbutton; unharness; unravel; unriddle; unrig; untie
recoger velas back down; back out; climb down back out
- alight

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  1. come down1

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