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to determine verbo (determines, determined, determining)

  1. to determine (define; outline)
  2. to determine (establish; identify)
  3. to determine (identify)

Conjugaciones de determine:

  1. determine
  2. determine
  3. determines
  4. determine
  5. determine
  6. determine
simple past
  1. determined
  2. determined
  3. determined
  4. determined
  5. determined
  6. determined
present perfect
  1. have determined
  2. have determined
  3. has determined
  4. have determined
  5. have determined
  6. have determined
past continuous
  1. was determining
  2. were determining
  3. was determining
  4. were determining
  5. were determining
  6. were determining
  1. shall determine
  2. will determine
  3. will determine
  4. shall determine
  5. will determine
  6. will determine
continuous present
  1. am determining
  2. are determining
  3. is determining
  4. are determining
  5. are determining
  6. are determining
  1. be determined
  2. be determined
  3. be determined
  4. be determined
  5. be determined
  6. be determined
  1. determine!
  2. let's determine!
  3. determined
  4. determining
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

determine [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the determine
    la determinación
  2. the determine (ordering; prescribe; requiring; )
    la imposición; la determinación; la declaración

Translation Matrix for determine:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
declaración declaring; decreeing; determine; dictating; ordering; prescribe; requiring announcement; announcing; comment; declaration; disclosure; ellipse; enunciation; expression; expression of opinion; formulation; giving notice of; letting out; proclaiming; proclamation; promulgation; pronunciation; publication; registration; registration form; remark; statement; tax form; tax return; utterance; wording
determinación declaring; decreeing; determine; dictating; ordering; prescribe; requiring appointment; ascertainment; decision; declaration; decree; definition; determination; establishment; facility; firmness; fixation; measure; provision; resoluteness; resolution; settlement; supply; sureness
fijar fastening; fixing; securing
imposición declaring; decreeing; determine; dictating; ordering; prescribe; requiring costs; deposit; dues; fee; force; imposition; inlay; investment; laying on; legal charges; levy; pressing on; tax; taxation; taxes
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
comprobar determine; establish; identify affirm; ascertain; assess; audit; calculate; calibrate; check; check out; control; count again; demonstrate; establish; estimate; examine; gauge; go through again; hear; identify; inspect; investigate; justify; measure; prove; research; run over again; study; test; trace; try; verify
constatar determine; establish; identify ascertain; establish; identify; notice; observe; signal
decidir determine; identify bring to a close; bring to a conclusion; bring to an end; come to an end; conclude; decide; end; finish; finish off; stop; terminate; wind up
definir define; determine; establish; identify; outline clearly define; define; demarcate; describe; fence; fence in; fence off; map out; mark out; outline; sketch; state precisely; trace out
describir define; determine; outline characterise; characterize; define; depict; describe; mark; outline; paint; picture; portray; reproduce; sketch; typify
detallar define; determine; outline clarify; define; describe; detail; explain; make clear; make explicit; outline; sketch; specify; state precisely
determinar determine; establish; identify allocate; decorate; discern; distinguish from each other
especificar define; determine; outline compute; define; detail; draw up; elaborate; specify; state precisely; work out
establecer determine; establish; identify allocate; appoint; arrange; build; colonise; colonize; develop; erect; establish; explore; found; ground; initiate; instal; install; institute; lay the foundations; open up; prospect; raise; scan; set; set up; settle; start off; tune
estipular determine; establish; identify bid; dictate; direct; instruct; legally bind; order; sign up; stipulate
fijar determine; establish; identify adhere; affix; allocate; attach; attach to; bid; catch; cling; confirm; connect; dictate; direct; fasten; fix; glue; gum; instruct; mend; order; paste; pin; repair; restore; secure; seize; snatch; sneak up on; stick; take unaware; tattle; tie up; twig
identificar determine; establish; identify identify
tomar una decisión determine; identify
- ascertain; check; decide; define; find; find out; fix; influence; learn; limit; make up one's mind; mold; regulate; see; set; settle; shape; specify; square off; square up; watch

Palabras relacionadas con "determine":

  • redetermine, determining, determined, determines

Sinónimos de "determine":

Definiciones relacionadas de "determine":

  1. reach, make, or come to a decision about something1
  2. fix conclusively or authoritatively1
  3. fix in scope; fix the boundaries of1
    • the tree determines the border of the property1
  4. shape or influence; give direction to1
    • experience often determines ability1
  5. settle conclusively; come to terms1
  6. establish after a calculation, investigation, experiment, survey, or study1
  7. find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort1
  8. decide upon or fix definitely1

Wiktionary: determine

  1. to ascertain definitely
  2. to set the limits of

Cross Translation:
determine disponer; determinar; señalar; definir; fijar; estipular; estatuir bepalen — vaststellen, voorschrijven, regelen
determine determinar; fijar bestimmen — etwas festlegen (einen Preis, eine Zeitdauer etc.)
determine averiguar; indagar ergründen — (transitiv) etwas bis ins Letzte klären; den Grund oder die Ursache für etwas versuchen herauszubekommen
determine fijar; sujetar attacher — Fixer
determine decidir; resolver déciderrésoudre après examen une chose douteux et contester.
determine determinar déterminerfixer les limites de, délimiter précisément.
determine fijar; definir fixerattacher, affermir, rendre immobile, maintenir en place.

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