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orbit [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the orbit (revolution)
    la vuelta; el círculo de giro
  2. the orbit
    la órbita
  3. the orbit (revolution; rotation; turn)
    la revolución
  4. the orbit (eye-socket; cranial orbit; eye socket; orbital cavity)
    – the bony cavity in the skull containing the eyeball 1
    la órbita; la cuenca del ojo
  5. the orbit
    – A number assigned to a parked call by the call park server. 2
    la órbita

to orbit verbo (orbits, orbitted, orbitting)

  1. to orbit
    – To move the camera around a 3D object. 2

Conjugaciones de orbit:

  1. orbit
  2. orbit
  3. orbits
  4. orbit
  5. orbit
  6. orbit
simple past
  1. orbitted
  2. orbitted
  3. orbitted
  4. orbitted
  5. orbitted
  6. orbitted
present perfect
  1. have orbitted
  2. have orbitted
  3. has orbitted
  4. have orbitted
  5. have orbitted
  6. have orbitted
past continuous
  1. was orbitting
  2. were orbitting
  3. was orbitting
  4. were orbitting
  5. were orbitting
  6. were orbitting
  1. shall orbit
  2. will orbit
  3. will orbit
  4. shall orbit
  5. will orbit
  6. will orbit
continuous present
  1. am orbitting
  2. are orbitting
  3. is orbitting
  4. are orbitting
  5. are orbitting
  6. are orbitting
  1. be orbitted
  2. be orbitted
  3. be orbitted
  4. be orbitted
  5. be orbitted
  6. be orbitted
  1. orbit!
  2. let's orbit!
  3. orbitted
  4. orbitting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for orbit:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
cuenca del ojo cranial orbit; eye socket; eye-socket; orbit; orbital cavity
círculo de giro orbit; revolution
revolución orbit; revolution; rotation; turn curve; political revolution; revolution; rotation; swerve; turn; turnover; upheaval
vuelta orbit; revolution about-turn; back; back of a chair; back side; back-piece; bend; camber; change; circle; comeback; crisis; curvature; curve; drawback; emergency situation; excursion; homecoming; inversion; journey home; other side; re-entry; rear side; return; return journey; reversal; reverse; revolution; ride back; ring; rotation; seamy side; state of emergency; stroll; swerve; tour; trip; trip back; trip home; turn; turning-point; u turn; way back
órbita cranial orbit; eye socket; eye-socket; orbit; orbital cavity avenue; path; road; street; way
- ambit; area; arena; celestial orbit; compass; cranial orbit; domain; electron orbit; eye socket; field; orbital cavity; range; reach; scope; sphere
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
hacer orbitar orbit
- orb; revolve

Palabras relacionadas con "orbit":

  • orbits

Sinónimos de "orbit":

Definiciones relacionadas de "orbit":

  1. an area in which something acts or operates or has power or control:1
    • in the political orbit of a world power1
  2. the bony cavity in the skull containing the eyeball1
  3. the (usually elliptical) path described by one celestial body in its revolution about another1
    • he plotted the orbit of the moon1
  4. the path of an electron around the nucleus of an atom1
  5. a particular environment or walk of life1
    • he's out of my orbit1
  6. move in an orbit1
    • The moon orbits around the Earth1
    • The planets are orbiting the sun1
    • electrons orbit the nucleus1
  7. To move the camera around a 3D object.2
  8. A number assigned to a parked call by the call park server.2

Wiktionary: orbit

  1. path of one object around another
  1. circle another object

Cross Translation:
orbit órbita oogkas — anatomie|nld schedelholte waarin de oogbol ligt
orbit órbita Bahn — die Orbitalbahn

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