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curve [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the curve (bend; curvature; camber)
    la curva; la vuelta; el cimbreo; el arco; la revuelta; la curvatura
  2. the curve (arch; curvature; vaulting; camber)
    la cimbra; el arco; la curva
  3. the curve (bend)
    el recodo; la inclinación; la difracción; el codo; la curva; la revuelta; la rotación; la reverencia; el codillo; la curvatura; la modulación; la sinuosidad
  4. the curve (bend; turn)
    el arco; la curva; la sinuosidad
  5. the curve
    la curva; el arco; la curvatura
  6. the curve (swerve; turn)
    la vuelta; el giro; la curva; el vuelco; la rotación; la revolución; el viraje; el cariz; el cambio radical; el cambio de la marea; el giro brusco; el cambio de parecer
  7. the curve
    – A rounded line. 1
    la curva
    • curva [la ~] sustantivo

to curve verbo (curves, curved, curving)

  1. to curve (arch)
    doblar; torcer; comblar
  2. to curve (bow in honour)
  3. to curve (bow; arch)

Conjugaciones de curve:

  1. curve
  2. curve
  3. curves
  4. curve
  5. curve
  6. curve
simple past
  1. curved
  2. curved
  3. curved
  4. curved
  5. curved
  6. curved
present perfect
  1. have curved
  2. have curved
  3. has curved
  4. have curved
  5. have curved
  6. have curved
past continuous
  1. was curving
  2. were curving
  3. was curving
  4. were curving
  5. were curving
  6. were curving
  1. shall curve
  2. will curve
  3. will curve
  4. shall curve
  5. will curve
  6. will curve
continuous present
  1. am curving
  2. are curving
  3. is curving
  4. are curving
  5. are curving
  6. are curving
  1. be curved
  2. be curved
  3. be curved
  4. be curved
  5. be curved
  6. be curved
  1. curve!
  2. let's curve!
  3. curved
  4. curving
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for curve:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
arco arch; bend; camber; curvature; curve; turn; vaulting bow; crossbow; fiddle-bow; fiddle-stick; longbow
cambio de la marea curve; swerve; turn bending; transition
cambio de parecer curve; swerve; turn
cambio radical curve; swerve; turn change; turn
cariz curve; swerve; turn
cimbra arch; camber; curvature; curve; vaulting
cimbreo bend; camber; curvature; curve
codillo bend; curve femur; shank
codo bend; curve brothel; elbow; pleasure house; rot-gut; rubbish; trash; whorehouse
curva arch; bend; camber; curvature; curve; swerve; turn; vaulting bending; bow; change; crossbow; curves; curving; longbow; rounding; swerve; turn; twisting
curvatura bend; camber; curvature; curve bending; bow; crookedness; twisting; wryness
difracción bend; curve
giro curve; swerve; turn Giro transfer; Girobank; Post Office Giro; about-turn; bank giro; change; crisis; emergency situation; expression; giro; giro account; inversion; meaning; meanness; miserliness; payment by Giro; phrase; reversal; revolution; rotation; saying; state of emergency; statement; stinginess; term; turn; turn of phrase; turning-point; u turn
giro brusco curve; swerve; turn change; turn
inclinación bend; curve bank; belief; bending; bow; caving in; collapse; collapsing; conviction; creed; crookedness; curtsy; disposition; divine worship; faith; idea; inclination; incline; notion; obliqueness; obliquity; opinion; orientation; orientation on; precipice; religion; religious conviction; slope; steep inclination; steepness; talus; tendency; tendency toward; tenor; trend; twisting; view
inclinarse slanting; sloping
modulación bend; curve cadence; inflection; intonation; modulation; tone of voice
recodo bend; curve bending; crack; curves; kink; twisting
reverencia bend; curve bending; twisting
revolución curve; swerve; turn orbit; political revolution; revolution; rotation; turn; turnover; upheaval
revuelta bend; camber; curvature; curve bending; commotion; disturbance; fisticuffs; insurrection; pandemonium; rebellion; resistance; revolt; riot; twisting
rotación bend; curve; swerve; turn being in circulation; bending; carrying cost; circulation; revolution; rotation; tour; twisting
sinuosidad bend; curve; turn bending; twisting; winding
viraje curve; swerve; turn bending; change
vuelco curve; swerve; turn inversion; rotation; turn
vuelta bend; camber; curvature; curve; swerve; turn about-turn; back; back of a chair; back side; back-piece; change; circle; comeback; crisis; drawback; emergency situation; excursion; homecoming; inversion; journey home; orbit; other side; re-entry; rear side; return; return journey; reversal; reverse; revolution; ride back; ring; rotation; seamy side; state of emergency; stroll; tour; trip; trip back; trip home; turn; turning-point; u turn; way back
- bend; bender; breaking ball; curvature; curve ball; curved shape
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
arquear arch; bow; curve
combar arch; bow; bow in honour; curve
comblar arch; curve
doblar arch; bow; curve become defective; bend; change; die; double; dub; floor; fold; fold down; fold in two; fold over; fold up; knock down; perish; synchronise; synchronize; turn back
doblarse arch; bow; curve bend; change; double; duplicate; fold down; give way; sag; turn back
encorvar arch; bow; bow in honour; curve
hacer una reverencia arch; bow; bow in honour; curve bow; curtsy
inclinarse arch; bow; curve be inclined; bow; curtsy; dive down; hang over; incline; lean forward; lean over; shelve; slant; slope; stand forwards; tend; tend to
torcer arch; bow; bow in honour; curve bend; bow; change; turn away; turn back; turn off; twist together; wrench; wrestle
- arc; arch; crook; curl; cut; kink; sheer; slew; slue; swerve; trend; twist; veer; wind
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- curvature

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  1. a pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approaches the batter2
  2. curved segment (of a road or river or railroad track etc.)2
  3. the property possessed by the curving of a line or surface2
  4. a line on a graph representing data2
  5. the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes2
  6. form a curl, curve, or kink2
  7. turn sharply; change direction abruptly2
  8. bend or cause to bend2
    • the road curved sharply2
  9. form an arch or curve2
    • her hips curve nicely2
  10. extend in curves and turns2
  11. In DirectMusic, a continuous series of events with a start and end value, such as volume fade.1
  12. A rounded line.1

Wiktionary: curve

  1. informal: attractive shape of a woman's body
  2. informal: usually in plural: attractive features of a woman
  3. geometry: one-dimensional figure
  4. gentle bend

Cross Translation:
curve curvar krommen — bochtig zijn
curve curva kromme — een gebogen lijn
curve curva curvekromme lijn
curve curvatura; inflexión; curva; revuelta; recodo; corvadura; combadura Biegung — die Richtungsänderung einer Straße, eine Kurve
curve curva KurveMathematik: durch eine Funktion definierte, nicht geradlinig verlaufende Linie
curve curva courbe — Ligne dont la direction change de façon continue
curve curva courbe — Ligne géométrique quelconque
curve curvar; doblar; arquear; encorvar courberrendre courbe.
curve doblar; arquear; encorvar ployerfléchir, courber.

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