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    • impairment, constraint, constrain


Traducciones detalladas de beperking de neerlandés a inglés


beperking [de ~ (v)] sustantivo

  1. de beperking (restrictie)
    the restriction; the limitation
  2. de beperking (voorwaarde; conditie; criterium; )
    the criterion; the condition
  3. de beperking
    the constraint
    – A restriction in a job that defines the environment parameters for which the job is valid. Constraint values come from dimensions. 1
  4. de beperking
    the constraint
    – A document property that restricts access to the business data within the document and specifies who can receive copies of the document. 1
  5. de beperking
    the constraint
    – A nonfunctional requirement that places a limit or dictates a limited range of possibilities. 1
  6. de beperking
    the restriction
    – A setting that blocks access to program or operating system functionality by Windows SteadyState. 1
  7. de beperking (beperking van werkplaatsen)
    the finite property; the limited properties of work centers
    – A method for scheduling resources that considers limits to the type of work a work center can perform at a given time. Finite property specifies the type of products or operations to be carried out at the same time at a work center. 1

Translation Matrix for beperking:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
condition beding; bepaling; beperking; conditie; criterium; eis; kriterium; voorwaarde beding; conditie; eis; gesteldheid; positie; staat; toestand; vereiste; voorwaarde; vorm
constraint beperking
criterion beding; bepaling; beperking; conditie; criterium; eis; kriterium; voorwaarde chemische verbinding; maatstaf; reagens; toetssteen
finite property beperking; beperking van werkplaatsen
limitation beperking; restrictie beperktheid; eenzijdigheid
limited properties of work centers beperking; beperking van werkplaatsen
restriction beperking; restrictie begrenzing; grens; limiet; restrictie; voorbehoud; voorwaarde

Palabras relacionadas con "beperking":

  • beperkingen

Wiktionary: beperking

  1. a restriction that limits something
  2. an imperfection which limits somethings use or value
  3. the act of limiting
  4. mathematics: condition to a solution
  5. something that constrains
  6. act or state