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Traducciones detalladas de map de neerlandés a inglés


map [de ~] sustantivo

  1. de map (opbergmap; ordner; legger)
    the dossier; the file
  2. de map (schrijfmap)
    the writing-case
  3. de map
    the directory
    – An information source that contains data about users, computer files, or other objects. In a file system, a directory stores information about files. In a distributed computing environment (such as a Windows domain), the directory stores information about objects such as printers, fax servers, applications, databases, and users. 1
  4. de map
    the folder
    – A named storage area on a computer containing files and other folders. Folders are used to organize information electronically, the same way actual folders in a filing cabinet do. 1

Translation Matrix for map:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
directory map aanwijzingen; adresboek; adresgids; gebruiksaanwijzing; handboek; instructies; leidraad; zaakregister
dossier legger; map; opbergmap; ordner dossier; file
file legger; map; opbergmap; ordner bestand; colonne; dossier; file; gelid; hoofdboek; klapper; rij; rij manschappen; vijl
folder map mapje; vouwwagen
writing-case map; schrijfmap
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
file archiveren; bewaren; opbergen; opslaan; vijlen

Palabras relacionadas con "map":

Wiktionary: map

  1. container of computer files
  2. simulated folder
  3. dossier

Cross Translation:
map folder chemise — Feuille qui renferme et qui couvre d’autres papiers.